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When elementary schools are closed hundreds of kiddos loose their only consistent meal source. We created The 12 Days of Pizza to deal with this problem over the Christmas break - but now the statewide school closures bring the problem is back with a vengeance.

Because of our amazing partners, we are able to sponsor families with consistent meals (large pizzas and chicken dinners) for $75.00 a family. Each time we hit a $75.00 milestone, families - chosen by social workers and school administration - receive a Pizza Party package with coupons for a dozen meals (along with Porter books that we are happy to throw in). This is a band-aid fix as schools regroup and roll-out food projects in the coming weeks.

Thanks for joining us in The 12 Days of Pizza - Part 2!

Families you may never meet will never forget what you’ve done for them.

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12 families in each participating Pizza Ranch community receive 12 coupons for large pizzas with any/all toppings (or chicken dinners) and receive a copy of Porter the Hoarder.

12 Days of Pizza, Cover Book

Helping to end holiday hunger through the power of pizza!


Thank you to all of the sponsors & affiliates who helped to provide meals to over 1,000 families this holiday season.

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